API Client


Purpose: Interact with the IEX web API. All methods return Python dictionaries.

The web API has a large number of endpoints returning data:

>>> from IEXTools import IEXAPI
>>> api = IEXAPI()
>>> meths = [d for d in dir(api) if not d.startswith('_')]
>>> for i, j, k in zip(meths[::3], meths[1::3], meths[2::3]):
...     print(i.ljust(20), j.ljust(20), k.ljust(20))
BASE                 batch                book
chart                collections          company
crypto               deep                 deep_book
deep_trades          delayed_quote        dividends
earnings             earnings_today       effective_spread
financials           hist                 iex_auction
iex_corp_actions     iex_dividends        iex_historical
iex_historical_daily iex_next_day_ex_div  iex_official_price
iex_short_interest   iex_stats_intraday   iex_stats_recent
iex_stats_records    iex_symbols          iex_threshold_securities
largest_trades       last                 logo
market               news                 ohlc
operational_halt     peers                previous
price                quote                relevant
sector_performance   security_event       short_sale_price_test_status
splits               stats                stock_list
symbols              system_event         timeout
timeseries           today_ipos           tops
trade_break          trading_status       upcoming_ipos

Users should consult the docstrings of a given function or IEX’s docs for additional information on how to use a given endpoint. All endpoints documented in the IEX API docs are implemented in this class:

>>> help(api.ohlc)
Help on method ohlc in module IEX_API:

ohlc(symbol: str) -> dict method of IEX_API.IEX_API instance
    Returns the open, high, low, and close prices for a given company.


>>> apple_ohlc = api.ohlc('aapl')
>>> print(IEX_API.pretty_json(apple_ohlc))
    "close": {
        "price": 204.47,
        "time": 1541797200568
    "high": 206.01,
    "low": 202.25,
    "open": {
        "price": 205.55,
        "time": 1541773800180

All symbols available on the API can be retrived using the symbols method:

>>> all_symbols = api.symbols()
>>> len(all_symbols)
>>> api.symbols()[1]
{'symbol': 'AA', 'name': 'Alcoa Corporation', 'date': '2018-11-09', 'isEnabled': True, 'type': 'cs', 'iexId': '12042'}

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